Neutering is an important procedure that aims to improve the health of your pet and potentially prevent the development behavioral problems. The neuter surgery is a relatively minor procedure with a recommended recovery period of 10-14 days

     We like to have your pet dropped off between 8:00-8:30 am and to make sure that they have had no food since 8 pm the night before (water is fine). It is generally our protocol to monitor patients for several hours following the procedure so that we may ensure they are recovering well. After the procedure, the doctor will call you with an update and schedule a time to pick up your pet (generally between 4-6 pm). 

The following services are included in our neuter:

  • IV Catheter
  • Multimodal approach to anesthesia including injectable pain relief, sedation and a gentle inhalant gas that allows for a safe and nuanced anesthetic protocol
  • IV Fluids (this stabilizes blood pressure under anesthesia)
  • Extensive electronic and manual monitoring, which features a constant EKG and oxygen saturation, blood pressure, thermal, respiratory and cardiac vitals
  • Neuter surgery
  • Re-check appointment

Please note that for your pet's safety, we require an exam and pre-anesthetic blood work prior to any surgical procedure.

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