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Where you and your pets are treated like family 

We have a Fear-Free Approach that starts in the comfort of your home 

Many clients and their pets fear or delay the visit to their veterinarian. Here at BarburVet our clients and their pets look forward to visiting.  We care for the entire family. We take a novel approach to the veterinary visit. 

Owner's may pick up a Purr Pack for their cat or Wag Bag for their anxious, excitable or fearful dog.  From the comfort of your home you give the contents of the Purr Pack  and Wag Bag  so your pet is more relaxed for their visit. 

Our feline friends get treated to Feliway(calming cat pheromone), blankets to hide in, and gentle handling for their exams and diagnostics.  Purr Pack includes a safe mild anti-anxiety sedative (Gabapentin) to add in a tablespoon of tablespoon of yummy soft food and  mix with Fortiflora a tasty probiotic that enhances palatability.  We provide a  Feliway wipes (cat pheromone) to wipe down the carrier to reduce stress.  

 Our canine friends get treated to a combination of sedatives that are given with food 3 hours prior to their veterinary visit. Whether they are the over excited lab, or the scared chihuahua or the elderly cocker spaniel the Wag bag will reduce the issues to make for a safer fear free visit. 

The kids in your family can often be bored so we have a "Kiddy Corner" that is equipped with a drawing board, coloring books, books and plush toys for play.  Pet owners may have coffee, water, juice, tea or hot chocolate to sip during the visit. 

We treat you and your pets like family. 

Come visit us today. 

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