Pepper Club

We are now offering an annual 

membership featuring unlimited physical exams for 12 months for $199.

(That's less than 3 office exams!) 

Click here to find out more.

5% Dental Discount

Dental health is a very important aspect of your pet's overall wellness and comfort. 

When you schedule your pet's dental procedure during check-out the same day that it was recommended by the doctor, you will receive a 5% discount on the procedure.

Dental disease not only causes bad breath, but can cause severe pain, tooth loss, and infections that spread to major organs. We want to make it just a little easier for you to get your pet's dental care scheduled as soon as possible. You save money and your pet avoids unnecessary pain.

Puppy & Kitten Wellness Plans

BarburVet offers wellness services for new puppies and kittens at a 20% discount.

These services include the physical exams, vaccinations, parasite control and surgical alterations

recommended for young pets, as well as a few gifts to start you and your pet off on the right paw! We encourage you to check out the details of our Puppy and Kitten Wellness Plans.

Client Referral Program 

One of the greatest compliments you can give us is your referral of your friends to our practice! We greatly appreciate the trust and confidence you show us when you take time to tell your friends about us.

As a token of our appreciation, we will send you a $10 credit on your account for each friend you refer. In order to receive your gift please be sure to tell your friend to give us your name when they come in for their first appointment.

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