Puppy Wellness Plan

Puppy Wellness Plan

The doctors and staff at BarburVet are committed to ensuring a happy and healthy start to your puppy's life with you. Our wellness package is designed to provide your puppy with the necessary health evaluations, microchip identification, core vaccinations and roundworm de-worming. We also perform a fecal test to help diagnose other potential parasites that may need additional treatment.

All of the items in the puppy package are at a 20% discount and may be paid in two installments on the first and second visits.

What the plan includes:

Wellness Visits

The first wellness visits of your puppy's life are very important for a lifetime of health. Three health examinations will be performed between 8-16 weeks of age. Each wellness visit includes vaccinations, parasite control and a full physical exam.  At each of the 3 visits the doctor and staff will discuss any age appropriate medical or behavioral concerns and options for your pet.


  • DAP (Distemper Parvo)
  • Leptosporosis
  • Kennel Cough
  • Rabies

Parasite Control

  • Roundworm deworming at each visit
  • Flea and heartworm preventative samples (doctor recommended)
  • Fecal testing to determine if additional parasite treatment is necessary

HomeAgain Microchip

Microchip placement includes a free year of registration on the HomeAgain website. There you have access to a number of services such as lost pet reporting, automatically generated Lost Pet posters (sent to local area veterinary clinics) and access to The Pet Poison Helpline ($49 value per use).

20% Discount on Spay/Neuter

It is important to have your pets spayed or neutered for their health as well as to prevent unwanted litters. Ideally, it is best to do this while they are still young. As part of the Puppy Wellness Plan, the spay/neuter surgery is discounted 20% if done within the first 12 months of age. For more information about Spays & Neuters, click here

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